Let Your Website Do the Work

Today's blog post could potentially save you thousands of dollars, by solving a simple problem. Are there administrative tasks your website could be handling for you? Is there a more efficient way to manage your customer contacts, social media, or product sales? What if I told you I can design a site where you can manage these things, simply, with the right apps. From custom fillable forms to email campaigns, there's guaranteed to be a way that a new Wix website can save you time and money in the long run.

I'll preface this with the fact that, while I'm a Wix Partner, I don't get paid anything from Wix for recommending them or creating a site using their platform. I have used almost every platform to build a website from coding with Dreamweaver, to stressing over WordPress, and click and drag type platforms like Weebly, Squarespace, and Wix. I choose to make website with Wix because I work with small businesses and non-profits and want to always give them the option of being able to manage their own site when I'm finished. I feel confident that anyone can do that with Wix.

Website Functions
Photo by: Kevin Bhagat

I begin all of my client meetings with two goals in mind:

  1. To make you a beautiful website that converts visitors to clients

  2. To asses where I can integrate systems to save you time and money

Depending on your business, Wix has thousands of apps available to add functionality to your site. Let's look at some of the common apps and functions I can add to your web design that will make your website work for you. Some of these are especially useful when moving your business online to support social distancing.

Custom Fillable Forms

Most of us have filled out a basic contact form. Even these basic functions can save you time and administrative work. Some companies have eliminated phone numbers on their sites in order to funnel questions through a more efficient system.

Simple forms are helpful in several ways:

  • Funnel customer questions to one place where you can answer them efficiently

  • Placing orders and batching sales leads, then sending them to the appropriate staff member

  • Gather customer info to grow your contact list

Beyond a simple, free, contact inform, Wix offers several options for third party apps integrating robust custom form options. 123Formbuilder has a high rating, and its my personal favorite for long forms. You can manage all of your forms from their site and take your pdf forms and onboarding systems to your website instead of on paper. The form data is exported to a spreadsheet where you can manage your client information from anywhere. Many of my clients have had success with this system, and even use the e-signature option so that customers can submit and sign forms online.

I've included examples below of the backend where the form is created in 123Formbuilder, and a live participant sign up form. We integrated the client's entire participant and volunteer onboarding system, and liability forms with signatures, into their website. Saving them time and manpower on site, as well as improving the customer experience. All client information is stored in a spreadsheet for easy access.

123form builder wix website

custom website forms

Client Bookings & Video Meetings

For businesses providing a video service, classes, or client meetings, Wix has integrated new functionality to help with running your business without needing to be in the same room as your client.

You can use client books, as I do on my site, so customers can schedule their own calls with you. Once I set up the basics of your availability, meeting length and buffer time between meetings, Wix will automatically manage your calendar. You'll receive notifications when someone signs up for a call or video meeting, and can even assign meetings to different people on your team. I use this for my free client consultations, but you can also set up various products and services in this same format, and Wix handles the checkout process as well.

wix integrations video conference