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You need a website. But where do you begin? How much does it cost? I'm here to help you answer some of those questions. When it comes to marketing and websites, every company is unique in their needs, budget and timeline. So I find that this is the best place to start.

Below I'll walk you through the simple process I use during my website consultations to get to know your company and project goals, as well as how I execute your project.

This article can be a helpful way to gain some insight on the design process. You'll be able to communicate your goals effectively, and set your expectations for a project.


Filling out the Web Design Inquiry Form on my site is the best way to get started. I've featured a list of the questions at the bottom for you to browse. The other option is to give me a call, where we can walk through some of these questions, or do so via email.

Phase 1: Discovery

After our initial call/reviewing the information from the Web Design Inquiry Form, I'll call you at your chosen time to get to know you, explain more details about the process, and come to an understanding about what you need from a website. This is where we set expectations, so you'll notice a question asking you to prioritize the following:

  • Timing - I need the website finished as quickly as possible

  • Budget - I have a limited budget for the project, what can I get for my money?

  • Perfection - I am ready to invest time and money to get the best website for my business

Wether you're starting from scratch creating your brand, or want to modernize your website - I'll send package options and recommendations for you to review within 24 hours. We'll solidify the scope and timeline for deliverables before we move move on, and I'll charge a 25% deposit of your project estimate to get started.

Phase 2: Design

Based on our agreement, I'll begin working on the look and feel of your site. I'll send some basic design options for your review. If you don't already have a logo, color scheme and font options, I'll develop those now.

If you already have these, you'll be gathering them and sending them to me. If you've opted to provide your own written content and photos, I'll need those as well. Alternatively, I can generate your content for you, which would take place before we start on the site.

It will speed up your project, while saving you money, if a designer has all of your site content before they get started.

Even adding a small paragraph later can completely change the design of a page, which is something you'll have to pay for eventually. That being said, always feel free to communicate anything you want changed or need clarity on. This is why talking about your priorities and needs at the beginning is key.

Phase 3: Create

Once all content is complete and an initial design has been approved, your project begins to come to life. I'll map out your user flow to make sure your site visitors enjoy using your site. When we're discussing user flow, it's important to think of your site from the point of view of your users. Our goal is to design a site that helps users find the information relevant to them as quickly as possible, while also directing them to your main site getting them to purchase something!

The final step is integrating all of your content and design elements, and making adjustments where needed.

Phase 4: Review

You'll review the final version of the project and send feedback. It's my goal to make the website exactly the way you want it. This portion of the process is where your main priorities will come into play again. You might decide to add another feature, or eliminate some of your content and need updates. Or you're happy with everything and want to move forward to save time. Remember, a perk of using Wix is that you can make simple updates later on your own if that becomes necessary, or let me take care of the maintenance.

When you're satisfied with the site, I'll make some adjustments to the mobile version.

Once that is approved, we'll move to the final stage, going live!

Phase 5: Go Live

I'll connect your existing URL (web address) or work with you to help purchase one. I'll apply basic SEO (search engine optimization) practices and register your site with Google, to help get your new site found online.

If managing your own site, digital marketing, or delving into more SEO isn't for you, I'm happy to offer Support Packages at affordable prices to do the work for you. 

Pricing &

Project Caveats

My pricing is $65/hr for web design. A 25% deposit is due before work is started, and then depending on the size of the project, I'll invoice at different intervals. I share a spreadsheet of my hours and work details with all of my clients to give you live updates on your project and budget.

I'll give you a brand style guide (if you didn't have one) so you know what colors and fonts I used on your site. Learn more in my Brand Consistency blog post. The lowest price for a website generally runs around $1000 at my company, after you include my hours and the following.

Additional costs could be:

  • Wix hosting - can be paid monthly or yearly or more and includes all the basic functionality of a website with some free Wix app functionality, and easy access to the backend of the site for updates. Sites including E-commerce, or marketing programs will cost more. The average is about $150 a year.

  • Additional paid apps for your site - In-depth forms, and other higher functioning actions can be purchase through the Wix App store. Not everyone will need them, and they're can be purchased at a monthly or yearly price.

  • Your URL - if you haven't purchased one separately, you're in luck! Wix offers a free URL with most site packages. If not, you can purchase your domain on Google for around $12.99 a year, or through Wix directly.

  • Optional SEO, Digital Marketing and Maintenance packages offered on my site.

The best thing you can do as a client to help get your site completed on time are:

  • Try to be as clear as possible about what you want upfront

  • Send examples of sites you like, and what you like about them

  • Provide finalized content upfront

  • Be available to respond to questions and give feedback

  • Don't be afraid to launch! We're using Wix, so changes can be easily made

Using Wix as a platform makes your overall project less expensive, and quicker to complete. There's also the added perk of a very user friendly back end for DIY maintenance. All that being said, this is a click and drag style web design platform, so not every little detail can be edited, and not every function under the rainbow can be added the away a completely custom site can be. But this definitely comes at a fraction of the price, with most of the same users actions available, a long with many other perks.


Questions from the Web Design Inquiry Form

If you have any questions, or would like to work with me, feel free to contact me.

If you find this article helpful please share, and post your comments below!


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