My Story

Hi, my name’s Katie and I love great design and solving problems. I made my first website using Wix in 2015 working as a receptionist at a small staffing agency. Seeing their out of date site, and high price tag for "maintenance," I knew this was a problem I could solve.


I created a brand new site with Wix and the company saved thousands of dollars. We were able to update the site in house, and I integrated several features that saved hours of administrative time. From that moment I realized designing websites satisfied both my need to problem solve, as well as my inner artist.


I learned all the principles of Visual Design, and grew my skills in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign through Skillcrush before spending years working for different companies incorporating, and growing, my skill set in web design, branding, and marketing. 


I’m now able to offer my design services, as well as small business consulting, full-time. For any business every dollar, follower, and like is important, and helps connect people to your passion and services. I'm glad to help make that easier and more accessible for everyone.


Connecting People

Through Design

My Mission

I work to design solutions that improve businesses.

By striving to:

Keep it Curious - Every problem has a solution, be creative and empathetic 

Keep it Simple - Specific goals lead to specific outcomes

Keep Learning - Technology never stops changing, and neither should we


And providing the following:

I work closely with clients to identify their needs and move their company forward. I create marketing elements that tell their unique story at a glance. I can take a tangled weave of information and create a website that is simple to use for their audience. I consult with startups and small businesses to integrate technology and efficient systems into their business so they can focus on what matters. I use these same systems and principles in my own business as I strive to keep learning, and be more effective.


Adobe  Creative Cloud:




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​​Brand Design

Logo Design

Web Design + UX/UI


Zero-Waste Interior Design

Furniture Design


Handmade Home Decor


Bachelor of Arts

Sam Houston State University

Visual Design Blue Print


Accelerated MBA alternative

The PowerMBA

Wix Partner

My Background & Skills