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A brand identity is a visual representation of the heart and soul of your brand. Have you ever looked at a color scheme and felt excited, or calm...or like something would probably be really expensive? That's the look and feel of a brand! From the photos you use, to the types of icons - even the tone of your writing, should all convey the same message to your clients and customers.

Once your brand style is established and all of the elements have been designed, the next important element is using them consistently. When I work with you to create a strong brand identity, I equip you with a style guide giving you rules and best practices for using all of the elements consistently to build trust in your brand. Keep scrolling to find out more!

Brand Elements


A unique symbol that identifies your brand.  Your most important brand element.


A small image, usually a symbol, used to graphically represent a program or function. I'll develop a collection of branded icons for print marketing and your website.

Color Pallet

The color pallet for your brand consists of 2-5 colors that are used throughout your company. They are an important part of conveying the look and feel of your brand.

Image Style

The images you use across your brand, should help convey your look and feel, and support your color pallet. I'll give you a collection of photos to use and guide you in choosing more.


Just like colors, fonts can evoke a feeling that should be consistent with the rest of your brand elements. You'll get a set of fonts for different uses across your brand elements.

Additional Brand Items

Any items a customer or staff member sees, should reflect consistent branding. Additional items for your business can be added to you package.

Brand Design Process

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